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The name “Solidworks” is very much familiar to those designers who have worked as a 3D CAD designer previously. It is the favourite tool even though it has much more complex functionalities. It consists of a user base, that is larger than any other 3D CAD packages. It is more likely as large as AutoCAD software tool. To know the intuitive interface, smart as well as logical interventions, Future Gen Technologies is providing SOLIDWORKS COURSE Training to the designers and architects. Through SOLIDWORKS COURSE Training, the designers and architects can experience a clean whilst function set. Literally, it is a favorite tool with a range of small to large projects. Because of the excellent SOLIDWORKS COURSE Training, now Future Gen Technologies is becoming the best SOLIDWORKS Training institute in Ameerpet, Hyderabad.

SOLIDWORKS COURSE Training in our reputed SOLIDWORKS Training institute in Hyderabad permits the designer to design better and quality products that can distinguish you apart from other competitors. Each release of the work delivers some new innovations as well as customer-requested enhancements that help them to work in a smarter and faster way.

Why Use SolidWorks

As technology is advancing day by day, 3 Dimension is the way of the future. Everywhere companies are moving to the 3D technology. If you want to take your product design to the next level and be the leader in the market, then SOLIDWORKS COURSE Training helps you a lot in all the ways.

The Fashion And Sports Industry

In the fashion and also sports industry, manufacturers of the organizations prefer those designers who have done SOLIDWORKS COURSE Training, because SolidWorks plays a very critical role in the advancement of their products and their manufacturing process. The extreme level of sports equipment requires stress testing the rubber or any other materials saving on cost, time as well as efficiency.

The Automobile Industry

Likewise, SolidWorks is also utilized in the manufacturing process of spare parts along with vehicular equipment. The whole procedure, from top to bottom, is carried out on Solidworks course training and this knowledge of the training program allows the person to actively participate in the design process. Each poart can be integrated from the assembly for selective testing. The design procedure can be made to take another colour or shade for a prototype of how the car would look in other beautiful colours.

The Space Exploration Industry

Testing is an expensive procedure for each and every industry, but the SOLIDWORKS COURSE Training helps like anything likewise what it is for the space industry. In the industry of space, no test can be performed physically without the most wright readouts of simulations or mediations. As SOLIDWORKS Training institute in Ameerpet provides an important set of tools with the aid of its engineering community, it permits the extensive customization of the working environment for those projects, which are specific and required to an industry.


From all these discussions, we can come to know that all in all, SolidWorks has numerous uses within the professional industries. From all industries, people are taking SOLIDWORKS COURSE Training because it helps to design as well as how to use it as a tool. It is not a piece of technical software that would require much-specialized training.

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Introduction to CAD, PDM Features of Solid Works, Various products available in Solid Works for Product Design.

Solid Works Graphical User Interface

Feature manager design tree, Callouts, Handles, Confirmation corner, mouse buttons, keyboard shortcuts, Command Manager, Hardware and Software requirements.

Sketch Entities

Inference line, Centerline line, Line, Circle, Arc, Ellipse, Rectangle, Slots, Polygon, Parabola, Ellipse, Partial Ellipse, Spline, Spline tools, Spline on surface, Equation driven curve, Points, Text, Construction geometry, Snap, grid.

Sketch Tools

Fillet, Chamfer, Offset, Convert entities, Intersection curve, Face curve, Trim, Extend, Split, Jog Line, Construction Geometry, Mirror, Dynamic Mirror, Move, Copy, Rotate, Scale, Stretch, Sketch pattern , Polygon, Make path, Close Sketch To Model, Sketch picture, Check Sketch for Feature, Area hatch/Fill.

Part Modeling Tools Creating reference planes

Creating Extrude features

Direction1, Direction2, From option, Thin feature, Applying draft, Selecting contours.

Creating Revolve features

Selecting Axis, Thin features, Selecting contours.

Creating Swept features

Selecting, Profile and Path, Orientation/twist type, Path Alignment, Guide Curves, Start/End tangency, Thin feature.

Creating Loft features

Selecting Profiles, Guide curves, Start/End Constraints, Centerline parameters, Sketch tools, Close loft. Selecting geometries – Selection Manager, Multiple Body concepts.

Creating Reference

points, axis, coordinates.

Creating curves

Split curve, Project curve, Composite curve, Curve through points, Helix and Spiral.

Creating Fillet features
Inserting Hole types
Creating Chamfer
Creating Shell
Creating Rib
Creating Pattern

Linear pattern, Circular pattern, Sketch driven pattern, Curve driven pattern, Table driven pattern, Fill pattern, mirror.

Environment & Utilities

Inserting Library feature, Adding Configuration, Inserting Design table, System options, Measuring Geometries, Calculating Mass Properties, Feature Statistics, Working With Equations.

Introduction to Assembly Modeling & Approaches

Top down and Bottom up approach

Applying Standard Mates

Coincident, Parallel, Perpendicular, Tangent, Concentric, Lock, Distance, Angle.

Applying Advanced Mates

Symmetric, Width, Path Mate, Linear/Linear Coupler, Limit Mate.

Manipulating Components

Replacing Components, Rotating Components, Move Components, Collision Detection.

Creating Pattern

Assembly Pattern, Mirror.

Creating Explode Views
Surface Modeling tools
  • Creating Extrude
  • Revolve
  • Swept, loft
  • Boundary surface
  • Inserting Planar Surface
  • Offset Surface
  • Radiate Surface
  • Extending a surface
  • Surface fill
  • Ruled Surface
  • Trimming Surface
  • Mid surface
  • Replace Face
  • Delete face
  • Untrim surface
  • Knit surface
  • Thickening a Surface
  • Move Face
Generating Drawing Views Introduction To Angle Of Projection Generating Views

Generating Model View, Projected Views, Inserting Standard 3 View View creation relative to model, Inserting predefined views, empty views, Auxiliary Views, Detailed Views, Crop view, Broken –Out Section, Broken Views, Section View, Aligned Section View, Alternate Position View, Working assembly specific view, Drawing properties, Manipulating views

Creating Dimensions

Smart, Horizontal, Vertical, Baseline, Ordinate, Horizontal Ordinate,Vertical Ordinate, Chamfer, Attach Dimensions, Align Collinear/Radial, Align Parallel/Concentric, Model Dimensions, Auto dimension,DimXpert, Annotations, Spell check.

Inserting Annotations

Datum Features, Geometric Tolerance, Surface Finish, Jog Leaders, Hole Callout, Datum Target, Dowel Pins, Area Hatch, Cosmetic Thread, Balloon, Centre Mark, Centre Lines, Layers, Working With Tables, Bill Of Materials, Hole Table, Sheets And Templates, Sheet Format.

Sheet Metal Design

Concepts in Sheet metal design bend allowance bend deduction, Kfactor Inserting Base Flange, Sheet Metal Tab, Edge Flange, Miter Flange, Hem, Jog. Creating Break Corner/Corner Trim, Closed Corners, Rip. Inserting Sketched Bend, Fold/Unfold, Forming Tools. Inserting Cross Break, Welded Corner. Adding Corner Trim, Lofted Trim Conversion Of Solid Body To Sheet Metal.

Working with import data

Importing In SolidWorks, Editing Imported Features, Feature Recognition, 2d To 3d Conversion.

Weldment Design

Introduction to Weldment, 3D sketch, How to create user defined profile for structural member? How to insert structural member? How to apply gusset and fillet bead? How to insert end cap? Extruded Boss/Base, Trim/Extend, mirror, placing holes, using different structural members, Weldment cut list.

Course Content

Time: 10 weeks

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