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Every year, there are thousands of fresh graduates who get frustrated in searching for a job. Most of them are well-versed in their own subjects, but they may not get their first foot in the door while it comes to job hunt, it is mainly due to lack of preparedness! Some graduates underestimate the importance of interviews consequently failing to make a better impression on the employer. 

The main objective of the interview training module is to equip tech students, graduates, and job seekers with the necessary knowledge and techniques to effectively tackle the interview process and leave a positive impression with the employer. 

Our interview skills module aims at preparing individuals to apply for jobs and face interviews. Our well-designed module guides you regarding ways to highlight your skills, contributions, and achievements. 

We guide you through various learning objectives, we create mock situations for you to develop awareness on interview questions to prepare for future interviews. 

You can succeed in interviews only if you have prepared well.


Join our classes to brace your skills/interview preparation to give a successful interview!

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Time: 10 weeks

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