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CATIA, which stands for Computer-Aided Three-Dimensional Interactive Application. This is the most widely used and the most powerful CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software. Therefore we, Future Gen Technologies, CATIA Training Institute in Hyderabad, provide CATIA COURSE Training to the architects, engineers, and designers for having the whole knowledge about this software tool. Because of its effective CATIA COURSE Training, Future Gen Technologies is now becoming the best CATIA Training Institute in Ameerpet, Hyderabad and also Revit Training Institute in Hyderabad that provides different courses like Revit Architecture Training, BIM COURSE Training, and a lot more

CATIA is developed by Dassault Systems of France and in the year 2010, CATIA was marketed by one of the best MNC, known as IBM worldwide.

Who uses CATIA?

Before answering the above question “who uses CATIA?”, we should know about who doesn’t use CATIA? If we look around our environment, then everything those are surrounding us uses CATIA only, because anything we can see must be designed before it could be manufactured. For example, the pen present on the desk, desk, chair, all appliances, the building, etc. The list is just uncountable.

In this era, every product is designed on computers. Even computers are also designed on computers. Here CATIA plays a very significant role. Architects, designers or engineers are now taking CATIA COURSE Training and using that knowledge.

Along with the architectural field, CATIA is also utilized by the automotive and aerospace industries for both automobile and aircraft industries. There are a number of CATIA Training Institute in Hyderabad and take CATIA COURSE Training. There are also many organizations who are using CATIA. For every organization that utilizes CATIA for product design, there are thousands of suppliers to those organizations that utilize CATIA.

CATIA is used in many industries throughout the world. The industries are Aerospace, Construction, Appliances, Architecture, Automotive, Medical, Electronics, Consumer Goods, Machinery, Mold, Furniture and Die, and vbh6y7 Shipbuilding.

In the world-famous NASA’s design of space shuttle, CATIA has played a very important role. The military people, those are working with private industry utilize CATIA for the design of “jet fighter” aircraft, aircraft carrier, helicopters, tanks and other forms of weaponry.

Normally, whenever organizations are engaged in the design process or manufacturing of building or any other products of any kind, CATIA can be utilized. Several CATIA operators, who have taken CATIA COURSE training from a famous and reputed CATIA training institute in Hyderabad travel throughout the country and also abroad on so-called “paid” vacations by accepting CATIA designs in whichever area of the country they have work to do their work. .

What job opportunities are there?

Now more and more organizations are adopting CATIA as their primary and mandatory CAD system. The organizations prefer those candidates who have taken CATIA COURSE Training and considered as CATIA professionals.

Why CATIA? Why not Unigraphics or ProE?

Unigraphics and Pro-E are also fine Computer-Aided Design (CAD) programs. But there are more organizations using CATIA than all the other CAD programs worldwide. Therefore, there is more demand for CATIA designers now, who have done CATIA COURSE training than those designers using any other CAD program. If you want to place yourself in this CATIA industry, then Future Gen Technologies, the best CATIA Training Institute in Ameerpet, Hyderabad can be a milestone for your carrier.

Future Gen Technologies is the authorized CATIA Training Institute in Hyderabad, that comprises of both national and international standards. Here we teach the students and aspirants how to build complex and creative shapes and also supports multiple stages of product design and system related to engineering development which enables simulation, modeling, etc. the scope and opportunities for the CATIA course have high demand in several industries. And CATIA is one of the most prefered courses from the CATIA Training Institute in Hyderabad along with the CAD, solid works, etc. and we are also evolving as the top-notch MEP designing training institute in Hyderabad.

CATIA is one of the most powerful and on-demand software that is widely used across the world nowadays. And these days many engineers are opting this course to build their career to meettt the dynamic industrial needs. As one of the reputed CATIA Training Institute in Hyderabad we designed our programs very flexible and easily understandable way by incorporating practical knowledge on the live projects. Also, the glooming HVAC Training Institute in Hyderabad that offers the best industrial programs that are suitable for Beginners, intermediate-level users, and for professionals who are looking to get certified in CATIA course and other domains.

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  • 2D Sketching
  • 2D Modifications of sketch
  • Constraint tool bar
  • Dimensioning & Editing dimensions
  • Profile tool bar
  • Constraint tool bar
  • Modify tool bar
  • Sketch tool bar
  • Visualize tool bar
  • Measure tool bar
  • Filters
  • Standard tool bar
  • View tool bar
  • Inspection of Sketches or Profiles
  • Use of Modeling Tree
  • Selection of planes
  • Datum plane creations
  • Basic steps for creating profiles in part Environment
  • What is modeling?
  • Sketch based features
  • Dress up features
  • Transformation features
  • Reference tool bar
  • Boolean operations
  • Advanced dress up features
  • Surface based features
  • Material application to the models
  • Rendering
  • View tool bar icons
  • Annotations
  • Importing of models in assembly module
  • Place a base component
  • Constraint tool bar
  • Move tool bar
  • Snap tool use
  • BOM preparation
  • Balloon numbering
  • Reuse pattern tool application
  • Display of after material application
  • Update tool
  • Inspection of assembly using clashing tool
  • Drawing fundamentals
  • Adding items to drawingWet Pipe Systems
  • Creating and placing drawing views
  • Working with major view types
  • Projection views
  • Auxiliary views
  • Offset section views
  • Detailed views
  • Clipping views
  • Dimensioning
  • Controlling the model views
  • 2D drafting
  • Creating dimensions
  • Drawing notes
  • Geometric Tolerances
  • Welding Symbol applications
  • Surface roughness symbols applications
  • Formate creating
  • BOM
  • Introduction to sheet metal
  • Sheet metal operations
  • Editing the Sheet and Tool Parameters
  • Modifying the Bend Extremities
  • Computing the Bend Allowance
  • Walls tool bar
  • Bends tool bar
  • Transformation features
  • Stamping/Cutting tool bar
  • Reference elements tool bar
  • Creating a Hooper
  • Folded/Unfolded views
  • Select Toolbar
  • Wireframe Toolbar
  • Surfaces Toolbar
  • Operations Toolbar
  • Replication Toolbar
  • Generic Tools Toolbar
  • Developed Shapes Toolbar
  • Measure Toolbar

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